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Wellness Services

Amy empowers individuals in a variety of group settings including joining your event at your location! Her Empowerment Series encourages women to discover self-love. She leads challenging, inspiring, and encouraging seminars and workshops to meet a multitude of needs including:

Empowerment Workshops

Discover your inner-beauty and worth! Empowerment workshops for women designed to guide you to self-love. *Build self-confidence *Increase self-esteem *Improve self-care *Learn to nurture yourself *Discover balance *Healthy relationships *Self-acceptance *Find your strengths and talents *Believe in yourself *The power of positive cognition.

Healthy Lifestyle Seminars

Discover your best self! Groups designed to improve the way you think and feel! *Weight loss & maintenance *Stress reduction/relaxation *Healthy relationships *Nurturing your body *Staying fit and exercise *Natural remedies *Enjoying the journey.

Mindful Meditation Immersion Seminars

Discover hope and healing. Learn practical strategies to balance and improve your connection, mental health, and overall wellbeing.

A list of events is available at or

CALL TODAY 712-253-2770 to schedule an event.

Amy's book on empowerment:

Available on Amazon and Barnes and author Amy Lynn She is now offering EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOPS and mindful meditation seminars nationwide!

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