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Psychotherapy Services

Amy specializes in empowering women to embrace the gifts of hope and healing. She has received extensive supervised experience, training, and education in treating all major forms of mental disorders and psychopathology affecting adults, children, and adolescents.

As a creative and experiential clinician, she would like to help you create wholeness and harmony in your life. Call today and begin your journey to wellness! 712-253-2770

Individual Psychotherapy

Designed to meet your individual needs. Explore and discover your inner strengths, resources, and gifts.

*Specializing in Women's Issues

*Anxiety, PTSD, and Trauma

*Depression and Mood Disorders

*Body Image and Eating Disorders

*Personality Disorders

*Addictions/Substance Abuse

*Psychotic Disorders

*Transition and Adjustment

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Creative and fun techniques that help children feel secure and supported. Watch your child heal and grow!


*Child & Adolescent Anxiety


*ADHD, Conduct Disorders, and other disruptive behaviors

*Family difficulties


Couples and Family Counseling

Grow in love for one another. Improve relationships, understanding, and connectedness. A supportive environment and experiential techniques lead to healing and change.

*Creating a supportive environment for catharsis, healing, growth, and empowerment. Techniques include family sculpting, mapping, reconstruction, reframing, narrative healing, anchoring, and touch therapy.

*A Sliding Fee Schedule is available to fit your financial needs.

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